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The container turbine mount allows a small wind turbines, satellite dishes, solar panels, antennas, and more to be installed on ISO standard shipping containers. The mount securely bolts to the standard corner fittings found on any of the top four corners. Three light weight and high strength legs provide guy points for the mast to allow 300+ pound-feet of thrust load.

The mast can be leveled on all axises allowing the container be up to 5° from level. This allows an ISO container to be placed on the ground with no special considerations.

Datasheet, Drawings, Cut Sheet

A datasheet with drawings and assembly overview and a simplified cut sheet are available.

Compatible Turbines

The standard top mast is 1.5" schedule 40 pipe. Many small wind turbines and other devices are designed for this standard. If you require a different size top mast or pre-drilled holes, please contact APRS World's applications engineers.

Known Compatible Turbines

  • APRS World
    • WTAPRS1
    • WTAPRS1.4
  • Leading Edge
    • LE300
  • Southwest Wind Power
    • All Air Turbines


There are three heavy welded nut plates that go inside the container corner fitting. The base installs over the corner fitting and large heavy hex bolts secure the container turbine mount to the container. Three legs are installed with bolts. An intermediate plate with a swivel bolts to the base and holds the mast. Guy wires with tensioners complete the system.

All components are hand liftable and can easily be carried up a ladder to the container. No lifting equipment is required.

An experienced installer can install the container turbine mount in approximately 10 minutes. Allocate 20 to 30 minutes for a first time installation.

Use on Occupied Structures

The container turbine mount will transfer turbine vibration and sound into the container it is mounted on. This sound can be objectionable inside the container. We do not recommend installing the container turbine mount on a container that is normally occupied.

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